Contemplative School of the Heart
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A Contemplative Community Gathers

Creativity flows freely from contemplation, and artistic expression is woven into every aspect of the work within Contemplative Spirituality network . A small community of contemplative artists is now meeting regularly to discern, learn and find support for this way of life where art is integral to spiritual transformation. We see this gathering community as one response to a quiet and wide movement of recovering traditional wisdom schooling in our contemporary world. As a community we are immersed in, and express our experience within the Christian tradition. We also live in spiritual friendship with artists within Sufi, Jewish Kabbalistic and Buddhist traditions whose art witnesses to their own path.

In these sacred gatherings of artists a particular place and value is given to friendship, silence, listening, and service. In relationships of spiritual friendship confidence in artistic vocation grows and spiritual imagination awakens. Silent meditation is an essential part of each meeting and is the ground from which our creative work arises. Creative and experiential ways of listening together with dreams, with wisdom writings and the work of great visionary artists are all core practices of spiritual formation. Ultimately the purpose of all our artistic work is to offer it as gift in service to others.

Each person who participates comes with their unique needs, inspirations and dreams as artists. We aim to listen deeply to their inner experience so as to discern the purpose and process of each meeting. Listen to some of these experiences journaled here.