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2010 Series
Contemplative Interfaith Forum

The Elements of Contemporary Spiritual Experiences
in the West and those in Sufi Mystics

Seminar Leader Ken Knight

Saturday 10th April 2010
Saturday 2nd October, 2010

10.00-3.00pm, North London.
Advance booking is recommended.

Audio Recording from 10th April Seminar

Sufi Poems and Life and writings of Rabi'a from 2nd October Seminar


In these two sessions, we will be exploring the question: ‘Is there a common core experience behind diverse forms in religions?’ We will explore some of the common, and different, elements between contemporary spiritual experiences of some late 20th century Westerners, which have been recorded on DVD which we will use, and the Sufi poets and writers from the beginnings of Islam.

The 13th century Persian poet Rumi was recently hailed as the most popular poet in America and his work is most easily available in written and audio forms through the performances of such people as Robert Bly and Coleman Barks, among others. In the April session, we will look at the elements of mystical experience in his poetry and stories with plenty of time for group discussion and quiet.

The particular focus for the October session will emerge from this general beginning and then we will follow the elements through the writings of the primary Sufi lady Rabi’a, Hafiz, Kabir, Attar, Ibn al Arabi and Shabistari among others.



For more information, booking and directions to venue, please contact us.

The sessions begin with a period of silence at 10am and the talk at 10.15am. Donations are welcome.